Rocketalk Website

Rocketalk Website A social network operating in India, with a bias to a mobile first engagement model. Rocketalk wanted to re-engineer the corporate website to become a platform for customer acquisition beyond its Indian marketplace. We worked with Rocketalk to analyse the usage patterns of their existing corporate website and used the results to redefine [...]


NPLD Branding for the Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity. The NPLD operate throughout Europe, working to influence governments and help minority language groups to promote and sustain the use of the many minority languages in Europe. We worked with NPLD to design and implement a branding scheme that was representative of their mission and had [...]

Rocketalk Branding

Rocketalk Branding Re-branding of Rocketalk, the biggest social network operating in India. We developed a multichannel identity based on a cross cultural calligraphic interpretation of the Rocketalk “R” which was also easy to use in grass roots guerrilla campaigns. Discovery Workshops Research Website Design Branding Print Exhibitions

ibe.mapp App

ibe.mapp App User experience and User Interface design for the ibemapp app. Ibemapp is a cloud based healthcare solution designed to help patients manage the effects of chronic pulmonary disease. The app connects sufferers of the disease directly with their caregivers, providing the medical team with instant access to wellness indicators to enable remote monitoring [...]